Manuel González San Juan – Podiatrist (1981), Orthopaedic Technician (1985) and Physical Therapist (1979). Member, The Podiatry Institute.   Ver el perfil de Manuel González San Juan en LinkedIn

Javier Aycart Testa – Podiatrist (1981), Orthopaedic Technician (1985) and Supervisor of Radiodiagnostic Facilities (1986).  Ver el perfil de Javier Aycart Testa en LinkedIn

Post-graduate training of both podiatrists: The Podiatry Institute, The Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine and The New York College of Podiatric Medicine.

They have been Lecturers at The New York College of Podiatric Medicine and the School of Nursing, Physical Therapy and Podiatry of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Since 1985, they have attended all national conferences, and other conferences abroad, as speakers, instructors or scientific committee members.

Podiatrist Javier Aycart Testa is the son of Luis Aycart Vijuesca (1923-1998), who was the pioneer in podiatric surgery and introduced podiatric surgical techniques in Spain. At its inception (1981), the purpose of Ortocen was to continue and enhance Luis’ work.

Ortocen dedicates its activity to the medical care of the foot; to this end, the private clinic is equipped with numerous resources and offers its patients personalized care. We develop our professional task in general podiatry, technical foot orthopaedics, conservative treatment of various foot pathologies and surgical solutions by means of podiatric techniques, those learned from Luis Aycart and his United States sources as well as those common in current podiatric surgery, using the most suitable materials, instruments and techniques, which, in general, are the most modern that may be found in Spain.    Linkedin

In addition to healthcare per se, Ortocen carries on research and publishing tasks, and organizes scientific gatherings, opening its doors to all those who wish to contribute to raise the social recognition of podiatrists and their professional ability.


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